Our Vision

Helping Hurting People Heal

Our Mission is to extend true love to those in need; to reach out to the lost, hopeless, wounded, and broken.
— YaQuis Shelley


Our Mission is to extend true love to those in need; to reach out to the lost, hopeless, wounded and broken. We will aid to rebuild what has been destroyed, replant what has been plucked up, restore what has been lost, and repair the lives of many who need someone to help them fulfill their potential.

We are always making strides to accomplish the ongoing goal of providing a safe haven for troubled youth and their families. We focus on providing them with a healthy balance of education both naturally and spiritually by offering counseling for drugs, emotional and physical abuse and after school programs helping with math, computer and reading skills.

Along with cultivating people mentally and spiritually we put an emphasis on living healthy lives by promoting fitness, nutrition and recreational activities.

Currently we are fortunate to have seen hundreds of people and families receive the necessary encouragement and support through the services of Branch Outreach Center. Due to the dedication and commitment shared by Pastor Shelley, his staff, and partnerships. We will continue to seek out ways in which we can impact the community through our unfolding vision.



Addictions and Recovery Support Group (O.T.A.P.A. & E.S.C.A.P.E.)

Adult Counseling

Athletic Department

Cultural Enlightenment

Deaf Outreach

Drama Department

Family Enrichment & Counseling

Financial Empowerment (Dollars + Sense)

Food and Clothing Bank

Health, Fitness and Nutrition (Heart Beat For Health)

Home and Foreign Mission

Homeless Shelter/ Restoration Housing

Life Skills Outreach

Multicultural Language Education

Prison Counseling and Outreach (New Beginnings)

Sexual Abuse Support Group (Tamar)

Youth Counseling