Prison Outreach


Usually the first things that typically come to mind when hearing about a Prison assistance organization is people being physically incarcerated. It is true that we do aim to reach out to those behind bars and their families that have been affected. We will provide counseling and encouragement through mail correspondence and visitation as well as supplying transportation for children that are unable to visit their parents.

In addition we also concentrate on those that are mentally and emotionally imprisoned. This type of imprisonment stems from the result of unresolved hurts, pains and disappointments from their past experiences. Those struggling with these and many other issues often find themselves in a prison like state unable to move forward in their lives because they can't get over the past.

The staff of New Beginning is dedicated to allowing all those that will to use us as a support system who are struggling with breaking free from the bondage of their past. The New Beginnings staff members are committed to standing in agreement with participants as they work toward achieving their healing, whether it is from incarceration or unfortunate life circumstances. We are continuously seeking opportunities to be used to break the cycle of incarceration and hopelessness that hinders many people from living a successful and prosperous life.

Need community service hours?

In some cases, your penalty may be converted to community service. Give us a call at 404.288.1033 to have your situation evaluated and see if you qualify.

You can also find volunteer opportunities in our community.