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Tamar has helped numerous individuals receive healing from the effects of sexual abuse. This support group is designed to aid each participant in breaking and overcoming the grief, sorrow, and shame associated with sexual abuse.

We have been successful in unlocking the joy and self worth that has been trapped and suppressed, in some case for years, inside of our participants. Many have not only received freedom from the bondage of sexual abuse but have become committed to helping others do the same.


The Support Group

Tamar seeks to empower all those affected by sexual abuse by providing them with proven principles. These principles, along with the application of the participant, will empower an individual to become whole and healthy—spiritually, relationally, and emotionally. We provide a 12-week support group that unveils the many sides of sexual abuse. This group is lead by sexual abuse survivors and compassionate persons who have a desire to serve as an instrument of healing and restoration in the lives of those affected by sexual abuse.

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Course Syllabus

Start Date Fall 2019

Course Description

Tamar Sexual Abuse Support Group is a 12 week biblically based group designed to support victims of sexual abuse as they maneuver through overcoming its negative effects upon their lives. Each weekly session has a targeted topic that is believed to be an area of concern for sexual abuse victims. Along with homework, in class activities, heavy discussion and Facilitator lectures participants are lovingly guided into understanding and accepting who God originally created them to be before the altering effects trauma had on their personalities and character.

Course Objectives

After this course, students will be able to: 

Tamar graduates will have a better understanding of how traumas have effected who they are, the way they think, act and live. Participants will see the obvious and subtle ways their relationships and daily functions have been influenced by the impressions of abuse. This new found understanding will produce an awareness that if adhered to will lead to positive changes in every area of their lives. Overall each participant will emerge for this group more encouraged by God’s ability to heal and propel them into a successful life regardless of past obstacles.

Required Text

Tamar Sexual Abuse Curriculum, KJV Bible


Week 1: Welcome To Tamar

Week 2: Who Am I?

Week 3: Communication – “The Heart Of The Matter”

Week 4: Surrender

Week 5: Taking Ownership

Week 6: Sex Addiction – Part 1

Week 7: Sex Addiction – Part 2

Week 8: Forgiveness – Part 1

Week 9: Forgiveness – Part 2

Week 10: Taking Ownership – Part 1

Week 11: Taking Ownership – Part 2

Week 12: Surrender


Have I been abused?

This list classifies and explains the most common types of abuse.

Many men and women stagger through life wondering if their particular incident classifies as sexual abuse. Since 2004 we have been overwhelmed by how many people are ignorant to what constitutes as sexual abuse. As we have educated many to the various types of sexual abuse, participants have been able to find healing where they previously thought they had no recourse. We urge you to look over the list, whether it is for personal knowledge, examination, or to aid someone else you may know.


Child Sexual Abuse

The sexual abuse of children by adults or by older children or peers who dominate and control through sexual activity. Older boys who make girls undress and then fondle them, for example. It can be committed by strangers but most often is perpetrated by adults or older children in trusted caretaking roles.


The most common form of child sexual abuse. Sexual abuse of children by other family members, including mother or father, step-parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents.


Sexual abuse involving sexual stimulation to body and genital areas, including penetration. It can happen at any age, by a perpetrator of any age.

Stranger Rape

Violence, anger, and power expressed sexually in an attack on a victim. It may involve penetration of body openings (oral, anal, vaginal) but does not have to.


Date or Acquaintance Rape

Sexual abuse, not necessarily violent perpetrated by someone known to the victim, often a peer in a trusted social relationship.

Marital Rape

Sexual abuse perpetrated by one spouse on the other or by a sexual partner in any long-term committed relationship.

Sexual Assault

Physical attack to victims sexual body parts, often involving force or violence. This term can cover a wide range of activities and often describes the rape of boys and men.

Exhibitionism or Exposure

Displaying naked body or parts of naked body in an effort to shock, intimidate, or sexually arouse victim.



Invasion of a victim's privacy either secretively or openly with the intent of gaining sexual gratification.

Obscene Phone Calls

Invasion of a victim's privacy with sexually suggestive messages over the telephone in an effort to shock, intimidate, or sexually arouse a victim.

Sadistic Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse in which the offender incites or tries to incite reactions of dread, horror, or pain in the victim as a means of increasing the offender's sexual arousal during the abuse. May involve use of physical restraint, quasi-religious rituals, multiple simultaneous perpetrators, use of animals, insertion of foreign objects, mutilation or torture.

Sexual Exploitation

Objectification and use of victims, by means of sexual activity or photographic imagery, to gain money or sexual gratification.