Athletic Department

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The Athletic Department of Branch Outreach Center is not your ordinary athletic organization that focuses only on producing teams that are winners but we also put emphasis on building character that will yield men and women that are capable of having success in sports and in their personal lives. 

With each sport we have great opportunities for the youth to spread their wings through participating in several tournaments during pre, regular and post season. These engagements will provide a chance for many of our youth to experience traveling out of town, some for the first time in their lives. These events will keep them actively fine tuning their athletic skills while training them on how to be comfortable interacting with different people from various environments and regions.

In addition to sharpening their skills as a student-athlete they will also work on other important aspects of their lives. Sports are generally already extremely physical creating a workout for each player with every practice and game that will meet the necessary exercise. To take this further we have partnered with licensed personal trainers that introduce the correct exercise techniques that are open to both the players and their parents to attend thus creating a great bonding experience and health motivation for the entire family.

Producing mature men and women with the right character and integrity is extremely important to us. While traveling to compete in the scheduled tournaments, we teach hotel protocol such as check in/out procedures and maintenance of hotel room. In addition each student-athletic will learn restaurant etiquette which will give them knowledge and practice of proper dinner attire, placing an order, table manners and place setting familiarity. Everyday is an opportunity to teach life lessons, enforce good behavior on the field, at home and in the classroom. Although education is always a deciding factor in game participation, efforts are made to aid each participant in improving in their weak areas of study through tutoring.

Ultimately we see our Athletic Department as alternative provided to the youth in our community in lieu of turning to a life of bad choices that often lead to crime involvement in the street. This is an opportunity for them to spend time in the presence of loving mentors that are eager to prepare them for life while having fun.


Lady Lions Kickball

The Lady Lions made their impressive debut into the Kickball community this summer with two new teams. What began as an idea quickly became a reality that has created an awesome opportunity for female adults to engage in a fun interactive workout while also building positive relationships within the community. Our goals are to use this athletic extension to unify the community and produce healthier adults through physical activity. 

With the desire of our Head Coach YaQuis Shelley to create a place for every willing adult we instituted two teams, Developmental and Experienced. Our developmental Team provides the opportunity for those looking to explore playing Kickball for the first time but have no knowledge of Kickball rules and strategies. This team will provide an opportunity for women to get active while learning at the same time. There will be no pressure to perfect the game however attention and expectations will be on consistent improvement fundamentally and personally. For the Experienced players we will expect each player to perform on a winning level. Prior experience, physical ability and knowledge of Kickball rules and procedures are expected. We are confident that there will be a place on either spectrum to meet the needs of every Kickball candidate that desires to play. 

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