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Sexual Abuse Seminar

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It's a wonderful time as students are celebrating the close of their high school journey while at the same time anticipating the joys of entering college. While enjoying this milestone is important, preparing each student for what's ahead requires the same if not more attention. Usually it's common to talk about the company the students keep, time management, the rigorous workload, major/career paths, and budgeting. Rarely do we dive into the possibilities of Sexual Abuse.

Although the topic is at times uncomfortable it's still necessary. College males and females ages 18-24 are more likely to be victims of rape or sexual abuse than non-college students of the same age. Additionally, athletes are three times more likely to be accused of rape or sexual abuse, most which happens in the first two semester of college. The statics don't lie and those who are assaulted and accused face life forever changed.

We want you to take this seriously and join us next Tuesday the 14th at 7pm. We will have a panel of experts available to talk about way to remove yourself from harm’s way. This seminar is designed to show college bound students and athletes the traps set that lead to you being sexually abused as well as falsely accused.

Our goal is to educate our students on both sides with the hope that many cases will be prevented!

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