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About Our Health, Fitness, & Nutrition

The staff of Heartbeat for Health believes that our bodies are our necessary vehicle through life; if it gives out we cease to exist. This simple but important fact is why we are committed to bringing focus back to the necessity of eating healthy and incorporating exercise into our daily lives. We want to be another organization sounding the alarm against the rising rates of childhood and adult obesity as well as giving awareness to the disease and health concerns that come as a result of unhealthy habits. 

It is for these reasons that we want to empower everyone to use self-control, discipline, and moderation when it comes to their bodies. This includes what we eat and the amount of physical activity we take part in. We are sure that in doing so we can decrease the need for medication and a body that will continue to function well into our latter year.

Heartbeat for Health will strive to present opportunities and information that will help and/or motivate people to take care of their bodies with the proper diet and exercise.